What is EXM Platform and How Can It Help Your Business?

EXM platform is a cloud-based solution that uses the infrastructure and capabilities of the cloud to respond to business demands more often, efficiently, and affordably. Simply put, businesses can access storage, software, services, and other business tools online rather than having to purchase and maintain all necessary company processes internally.

Why Should You Consider Using Cloud Solutions?

Building an on-premises IT infrastructure can easily cost tens of thousands of dollars, depending on the amount of computing power you require, the software requirements of the servers, and several other factors. If there is a power outage at your place of business, you will experience downtime, and any service you give to customers via that server will be inaccessible until service is restored. When you use cloud services, you don’t have to worry about the upkeep of the data center or keeping things functioning.

What is the EXM Platform?

EXM Platform is a cloud-based management system for IT services and applications. It was designed using ITIL best practices and provides customers with a variety of tools to help them streamline their service management procedures. Because the platform is based on the Microsoft platform, it interfaces seamlessly with all Microsoft solutions. The EXM Platform also provides capabilities such as a Configuration Management Database, an incident management system, a change management system, and more.

Organizations can also use the EXM platform to transform their client relationships and corporate operations. The platform enables organizations to securely communicate with customers via a single interface, allowing for faster and more productive client engagements. Furthermore, it allows firms to automate business procedures, which reduces costs and enhances efficiency. The EXM Platform is ITIL compliant, PinkVERIFY and incorporates AI-powered Virtual Chatbot capability for seamless integration with Microsoft products.

What are The Key Features of the EXM Platform?

  • Incident Management: The EXM Platform automates incident classification, categorization, and prioritising to ensure that an event is routed to the appropriate workgroup as rapidly as feasible. This decreases the number of hops between workgroups and the error rates in categorization and job assignment.
  • Problem Management: The EXM Platform automates problem record creation and notification. It ensures quicker problem resolution and aids in locating any temporary workarounds. The Problem Management module reviews the solution and updates the Knowledge base.
  • Change Management: With the EXM Platform’s Change Management feature, all changes can be managed systematically, minimising the impact on IT (Information Technology) services while still implementing beneficial improvements.
  • Knowledge Management: The Knowledge Management module generates knowledge article entries that contain solutions and workarounds. Records for knowledge articles can be arranged according to several classifications and categories, making it simple for users to access the records.
  • Asset Management: By being aware of exactly what is and is not being used in your IT infrastructure, you can better monitor and optimise your service. The EXM Platform Asset and Configuration Management database (CMDB) makes it simple to contextualise the IT infrastructure of your company.
  • Request Management: The AI-powered Virtual Chatbot (Mitra) functionality offered by EXM Platform enables different teams to request Products, Services, and Customizations as well as solutions to their inquiries.


Why choose EXM Platform for your business?

In conclusion, the EXM platform is an excellent business option since it provides a wide range of features and services that are advantageous to organizations of all sizes. The EXM platform is also reasonably priced, simple to use, and extremely reliable. EXM Cloud is a good alternative if you’re searching for a cloud-based solution to help your business develop. So, what’s holding you back? Please contact us right away to learn more about how the EXM platform may help your company develop and thrive.