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Power BI Reports and Dashboards

A common rule of thumb is that dashboards display the most vital information for running a business, whereas reports are the information suppliers to dashboards that can be provided in any format: text or numbers.

Power BI dashboards are a collection of many data sets with key performance indicators, headlines, or the most critical data displayed in a one-page format that features automatic refreshing of data. Dashboards, make it easy for users to make decisions and monitor crucial metrics by just looking at them.

Power Bi Reports, have their own attributes and metrics to show and provide a wealth of information in a variety of formats having multiple pages to navigate through. They can also be drilled down/up to distinct levels of data sets, exported to any format, or download to a local desktop for further analysis.


If you are comparing a dashboard to a traditional report, you will notice a few major differences. A single-page view of essential business features and the ability to automatically refresh dashboards are powerful tools. It is possible for consumers to engage with reports and have a better grasp of the data they include. Because dashboards and reports are meant to work in tandem rather than stand alone in Power BI, you will need them both to get the most out of the software.