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Comprehensive Advisory Services for Microsoft and Salesforce

Unlock maximum value from your digital transformation efforts based on sound strategy from comprehensive analysis and years of experience.


Analyze and highlight enterprise’s current strategy, state and IT needs.


Identify processes that can be optimized and digitally transformed.


Deliver a 3 - 5 year roadmap with a thorough execution plan & monitoring

Holistic Approach Covers Every Layer of Transformation

A successful digital transformation must cover all facets of the organization. EXM Cloud’s holistic approach covers all the bases, ensuring powerful transformation at all levels.

Channels Layer

Determine the various digital channels to integrate into the Digital Strategy. Make a decision on specific channel selection and cross-channel integration or collaboration.

Process Layer

Map process steps including links across functions or departments. Document policies & procedures to be followed at each step. Envision how to optimize processes.

Service Layer

Enhance how services are delivered. This includes Shared Services Center, Center of Excellence, Business Partnering, Self Service, and outsourcing concepts.

Target Operating Model Layer

Envision the structure of the digital organization will be structured and how this puzzle piece fits in the organization. Pick a centralized, decentralized, or hybrid model.

People layer

Consider the organization of people from both business unit and geographic perspectives including lines of reporting and parameters of control.

Technology Layer

Decide which applications must be digitally transformed for improvement of processes, compliance, internal controls, report generation and so on.