OTR Global Positions EXM Cloud as an Innovative Leader in North America for Service Management in the SMB Sector

CARY, N.C.—March 19, 2024—EXM Cloud today announced that it has been distinguished as a key player in North America’s SMB market in the latest OTR Global research report dated January 2024. This accolade highlights the company’s dedication to delivering specialized and efficient service management solutions tailored for small and medium-sized businesses.

Joel Kosmich, Director at EXM, emphasizes, “EXM Cloud is specifically designed to address the unique challenges faced by the SMB market. By offering a solution that is both robust and budget-friendly, we fill a critical market gap, steering clear of the high subscription costs and intricacies typical of larger, enterprise-focused platforms.”

OTR Global’s extensive analysis positions EXM Cloud as an innovative leader in North America, particularly for the SMB sector. This acknowledgment reflects EXM Cloud’s commitment to setting benchmarks in the industry and its adaptability in a rapidly evolving market.

In an ecosystem where agility and innovation are paramount, OTR Global’s recognition of EXM Cloud validates the company’s mission to cater to the nuanced needs of SMBs. EXM Cloud takes immense pride in this achievement and in setting itself apart as a leader in the region.

EXM Cloud wants to extend its heartfelt thanks to its clients, partners, and the dedicated team at EXM Cloud, whose collective effort and expertise have been crucial to this success.

To gain further insights from the OTR Global Jan 2024 report on ServiceNow and understand how EXM Cloud is redefining ITSM and other Service Management processes for North American SMBs, explore the full report at below.

This recognition energizes EXM Cloud to continue pushing boundaries and delivering excellence.

For more information, visit https://www.exmcloud.com/

About EXM Cloud:

EXM Cloud creates and delivers innovative solutions to help organizations achieve their goals. The company focuses on exceptional customer service, cutting-edge technologies, and delivering results that exceed expectations. EXM Cloud is known for its commitment to excellence that drives everything it does.

About OTR Global:

OTR is a leading platform for primary research, serving the institutional investment community since 1995. Renowned for its interview-based methodology, OTR has a vast team of over 130 research personnel globally. They excel in providing a comprehensive understanding of complex, global supply chains and distribution channels, conducting over 14,000 live interviews annually across more than 25 countries. Their unique approach combines quantitative and qualitative data to produce predictive and insightful research results.

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