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Transform ITOM across key IT functions and value streams

Transform IT operations management with EXM’s expertise in implementing Microsoft ITOM. Our experts will provide guidance through orchestration, service mapping and other aspects. Shift IT operations from being reactive to a proactive stance that is in intelligent alignment with business goals. Provide high-quality and high-performance services with enhanced visibility and AI capabilities. Increase operational agility across your cloud environment with optimization of delivery and spend. Control multi-cloud environments with ease through a unified platform that improves cost and service management.

Improve Service Availability

Leverage Microsoft with our support to discover and map services for IT resources on-premise and in the cloud. Comprehensive, real-time visibility across the enterprise infrastructure, services and apps enables improved service availability with swift responses and resolutions. This in turn improves business productivity and performance.

Cut Outages & Boost Service Uptime

A pre-emptive approach using AI capabilities enables greater service uptime with minimal outages – up to a 90% reduction. Proactively analyze the performance of your IT infrastructure to identify any issues or decline in service. Analysis of operational metrics using Machine Learning (ML) provides insights ahead of time to potential issues that can cause a service outage either on-premise or in the cloud.

Reduce Incidents & Resolution Time

Harness the power of Microsoft’s predictive intelligence as well as comprehensive, real-time visibility for faster resolutions and fewer incidents. You’ll be able to focus on any disruptions quickly thanks to the Microsoft platforms analysis of rich data on your enterprise’s infrastructure performance. EXM guides you in creating rules and thresholds for events that identify anomalies for swift remediation. This in turn improves productivity dramatically.

Improve User Experience

Empower your teams with a consumerized, intuitive user experience on a unified platform that enables a user-friendly experience. This drives better performance and productivity while eliminating silos that can cause delays. Better user experience leads to improved outcomes with incidents resolved in just minutes.

Integrate & Scale with Ease

EXM supports you in implementing Microsoft ITOM to integrate easily with your preferred existing tools and infrastructure. Scale across departments and grow with business expansion easily. Don’t worry about interruptions to IT operations while you scale.