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Simplify HR Processes to Improve Employee Satisfaction

Your employees deserve frustration-free HR interactions. Take an employee-focused approach to manage your HR workflows, be it during employee onboarding or other employee lifecycle events. We help you leverage Microsoft to eliminate painful manual processes. Use automated workflows and the convenience of a virtual agent across devices to resolve issues faster and serve more employees.

Simplify HR Processes to Improve Employee Satisfaction

End-to-end HR Service Management

Accelerate all HR processes across an employee’s entire journey through the organization from recruitment to resignation. In addition to OOB Microsoft functionality, we provide a unique Applicant Tracking Application for the recruitment process that helps both HR and applicants keep track of their progress, linking with external job sites. Our Identity and Access Management app automates managing access permissions for every profile in your organization with access granted in just minutes to new employees whilst automatically and immediately revoking the access upon termination or resignation.

Boost Productivity

Automate mundane and repetitive tasks to free your HR team from administration and reporting activities. Our experts help you automate employee onboarding, relocation, and off-boarding processes aligned with your organization’s policies. Also, set up reports and dashboards to monitor and improve your HR processes for maximum productivity.

Optimize User Experience with Omni-Channel

Let your employees interact with a user-friendly HR service portal to submit requests and find answers to their questions. The portal can be accessed through multiple devices – laptop, mobile, and tablet – creating a unified customer experience. Our Workflow solutions can help streamline employee lifecycle across various departments.

Get Full Transparency

Get full visibility into employee lifecycle events to improve staffing efficiency. Get a complete understanding of employee queries to prioritize higher-value support requests. Get a clear view of HR processes to standardize frequent interactions, documentation, and resolution procedures.

Create a Centralized System

Microsoft integrates with your existing systems to streamline workflows across multiple departments including IT, Facilities, Finance, and Legal. We help you connect your core HR tools to the platform to ensure information updates and changes reflect on all the relevant systems. The integration enables you to transfer employee information from custom legacy applications into Microsoft and vice-versa.

Transform at Scale

Go beyond spreadsheets, phone calls, and emails to seamlessly onboard hundreds of employees with paperless document management. Populate forms, documents, and databases automatically to accelerate and streamline onboarding processes. Use Microsoft's workflows to automatically assign onboarding tasks to HR, facilities, IT, and other teams, and manage till completion.