EXM Cloud Recognized as a Most Promising Microsoft Solutions Provider by CIO Review

Cary, NC – EXM Cloud, a pioneering force in cloud solutions, is thrilled to announce its recognition as one of the most promising Microsoft solutions providers, a distinction highlighted in the September 2023 issue of CIO Review magazine. This accolade underscores EXM Cloud’s commitment to excellence and innovation in leveraging Microsoft technologies to drive digital transformation across industries.

At the heart of EXM Cloud’s success is Edge, a cutting-edge platform meticulously designed from the ground up using Microsoft’s state-of-the-art technologies. Edge distinguishes itself by seamlessly integrating with an extensive array of Microsoft tools and platforms, providing clients with a robust, flexible, and intuitive environment to accelerate their business processes and enhance productivity.

Vice President Sumukh Sharma commented on the recognition, “We are honored to be acknowledged by CIO Review. This recognition is a testament to our team’s relentless dedication to leveraging Microsoft technologies to create innovative solutions that meet our clients’ evolving needs. Edge represents the pinnacle of our efforts, embodying a platform that not only integrates seamlessly with Microsoft’s ecosystem but also elevates the capabilities of our clients’ businesses.”

Director of the Edge Platform, Joel Kosmich, added, “Developing Edge was a journey of passion and innovation. Our goal was to craft a platform that not only addressed the immediate needs of our clients but also anticipated future challenges. Through close collaboration with Microsoft, we’ve created a solution that is not just a tool, but a transformative force for businesses worldwide.”

EXM Cloud’s recognition by CIO Review is a significant milestone that reflects the company’s position as a leader in the Microsoft solutions space. It also highlights the effectiveness and potential of the Edge platform to revolutionize how businesses leverage technology for growth and efficiency.

For more information about EXM Cloud and the Edge platform, please visit www.exmcloud.com.

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EXM Cloud is a leading provider of cloud solutions, specializing in the development of innovative platforms and services that drive digital transformation. EXM Cloud delivers solutions that empower businesses to achieve their strategic objectives through enhanced productivity, scalability, and security.

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