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About DocStore
  • DocStore enables users to rapidly retrieve and access documents which are a highly valued and vital asset of an organization, without any costly concerns over storage.
  • DocStore is a cross-platform application that seamlessly integrates with Azure Blob storage, Google Drive, and SharePoint and is a bridge performing basic operations like uploading and creating files, versioning of files, renaming folders and so much more.
  • When dealing with many files in Salesforce can be an arduous and tedious task, as well as expensive unless you have a smart file management system. DocStore has you covered! In just a few clicks you are ready to go. Additionally, a smart way of organizing of files is also handled

Reasons To Get DocStore

  1. Cross-Departmental Collaboration: Salesforce is the best choice to help account managers to stay connected with customers. So, the combination of Salesforce and the storage platform brings organizations a new standard for customer document management.
  2. Extended Knowledge sharing: DocStore makes knowledge sharing more dynamic by pushing the articles and documents from one platform to another.
  3. Large Scale Document Management: Stores large volume of content and grants real time co-authorization.
  4. Low Investment: DocStore’s collaboration with cloud storage platforms leads to low investment cost as no added Salesforce licenses are needed.


Easy setup

Rapid setup with minimal effort. It offers seamless experience like App Builder in Salesforce supplying an easy drag and drop functionality in lightning.


An adaptive solution that is fully configurable that can meet the needs of a company or organization without the need of any messy programming.

Lightning Ready

It has an intuitive UI (User Interface) that offers a more consistent experience along with game-changing capabilities for enhanced productivity that uses a native Salesforce look and feel.

External Storage

DocStore links up files and folders to three major storage platforms: Azure Blob, Google Drive and SharePoint.


Data protection is a major priority, DocStore adopts and adheres to the platform’s native security rules.

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