DocStore is a cross-platform application that seamlessly integrates with Azure Blob storage, Google Drive, and SharePoint and is a bridge performing basic operations like uploading and creating files, versioning files, renaming folders and so much more.

What We Offer

DocStore brings together document management best practices across multiple platforms – at a lower cost and better experience.

DocStore VS sFiles

Features DocStore sFiles
Works for SharePoint, google Drive and Azure Blob Right wrong
Download/ Upload files and folder Right Right
Move files/folder in same record Right Right
Move files/folder in child record Right wrong
Easy Setup Wizard Right Right
Open files and folder in SharePoint Right Right
Set and display custom SharePoint column and value Right Right
Browse and drill in between folder Right Right
Customizable folder names Right Right
App customization – Logo and Color of the application Right Right
New Lightning Ecosystem Right Right
Automatically create customized initial folder structure Right Right
Work on custom or standard objects Right Right
Onboarding support Right Right
Share files Right Right
Multi-site support Right Right
Enable disable whole drop-down menu Right Right
Adding Metadata while uploading files Right wrong
Document generation Right wrong
Compatible to Experience cloud Right Right
Work on list view, flow, and VF page wrong Right
Salesforce record level security wrong Right
Custom visibility security rule wrong Right
Ability to Create Custom UI wrong Right
User level Access Right Right

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